Practical Peculiarities with World Renown Food Artist Nikk Alcaraz
Practical Peculiarities with World Renown Food Artist Nikk Alcaraz
Practical Peculiarities with World Renown Food Artist Nikk Alcaraz

    Practical Peculiarities with World Renown Food Artist Nikk Alcaraz

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      • Class Title: Practical Peculiarities x Jacmarket Food Art Class with World Renown Food Artist Nikk Alcaraz

      • Two Servings.

      • Date: Saturday May 15th at 1:00PM Pacific Time held on Zoom

      • Price: $90/experience.  Serves Two.

      • Ingredients delivered to your door the week of the event

      • For Internationally based friends of Nikk, please email for a view only link (subject to availability)

    •  See "Special Instructions" below



    Don't miss out on our upcoming virtual cooking class with the world renown macabre food artist - Nikk Alcaraz as he teaches the magic of food art LIVE to an exclusive group of attendees.

    Each class seat comes with a Peculiar parcel of gourmet ingredients + art supplies to create along with Nikk in the comfort of your own home.

    Your artistic creation is sure to be dark, delectable and delightfully stunning.

    BONUS SECRET GIFT INCLUDED to ensure that your final presentation is extremely Instagram & TikTok worthy.

    Seats are limited to reserve your seat & box ASAP! ingredient Kits available to attendees across the continental United States.


    Chef Nikk has asked all attendees to have these items in their kitchen/pantry:
    Bowls, Measuring Cups and Measuring Spoons, Rolling Pin, Rubber Spatula, Microwave, Refrigerator, Knife(s), Plastic Wrap, Parchment Paper, Cutting Board, Glue Stick (optional)



    Nikk Alcaraz is a professional food artist, crafter, and performer based in Burbank, CA.

    He is the founder of Practical Peculiarities, a spooky food and DIY page on Tiktok and Instagram.

    His goal is to provide magical inspiration to a world of magical beings by taking boring food and turning it upside-down to create peculiar and delicious treats. He’s inspired daily by all things magical, unusual, and macabre. His passion for food and all things spooky began at the age of six in his grandmother’s kitchen.

    Nikk put on a cape, picked up some cookie dough, and the rest is history. He loves to bake, though he doesn’t consider himself a baker. He is an artist who uses food as his medium. For Nikk, there is no separation between food and art. When Nikk is not in his kitchen conjuring devilish delights and dark delicacies, he is tinkering with craft supplies, thinking up new ideas, and singing way too loud in the shower.

    To learn more about Nikk Alcaraz, follow him on social media

    Instagram: @practicalpeculiarities
    Tiktok: @nikkalcaraz
    YouTube: Practical Peculiarities



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