Team Building With Virtual Cooking Classes.

Team Events Made Delicious.

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Elevate your next corporate event with Jacmarket’s LIVE virtual cooking class - tailored deliciously to your company’s palette.

Gift your team members an unforgettable group cooking experience, as they prepare a gourmet meal alongside a vivacious, expert chef.

Our classes are filled with laughter & top chef secrets to prepare a Michelin-worthy dining experience.

✓ Your Jacmarket class will be available to employees across all 50 US states via Zoom.

✓ Gourmet ingredients to cook for TWO are delivered to each attendee’s door prior to the event with complimentary shipping.

✓ Menu & class times are tailored to your company’s preferred palette. From California Coastal to Vegan Fine Dining - we’ve got you covered!

✓ Class set-up is effortless as our in-house Chef designs your ideal cooking class.

✓ April & May classes are limited but still available!

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