Cantina Sunrise - We're now serving breakfast on Sundays

by seth khan on August 23, 2020

Think you've had eggs every way they come? How about fried eggs with stewed chillies, crema, corn, black beans, guajillo, queso fresco and pickled vegetables in a soft taco? Or with grilled queso fresco, bone marrow, stewed chicharron, chorizo, frijoles, avocado, salsa and tortillas?

We've just launched our first weekend breakfast menu to shake up your morning routine. Instead of that bacon and egg roll, sub in a plate of toasted tortilla chips, salsa verde, salsa roja, cotija cheese, crema, micro coriander and a fried egg.

Moving away from eggs, if you like to live in the danger zone between sweet and savoury, there's a melon ceviche of watermelon, rockmelon and honeydew with cherry tomatoes, coconut, avocado and tomatillo. And if yours is a plant-based diet, order a bowl of Aztec grains, consisting of kale, bulgur, black beans, quinoa, pumpkin, pepitas, corn, amaranth, and citrus salsa.There are even five special items for your small humans, like a Mexican ham and cheese toasty, and what's a Mexican feat without a cold glass of sweet, spiced horchata?